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Visit Levy County, Florida

Discover your next adventure in a world of natural wonders far beyond the hustle and noise of man-made attractions. Outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen have long found a wealth of opportunities within the boundaries of Levy County. Word has spread about this diverse, unspoiled region known as “Florida’s Natural Paradise” where the human population is dwarfed by the multitude of birds and wildlife that call the area home.

Its scenic beauty, wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities make Levy County the perfect destination. With nearly one fifth of the county set aside for state and national wildlife areas, Levy is blessed with numerous parks, preserves, springs and wildlife refuges where visitors can discover rest and recreation in abundance. In fact, there are over 25 nature-based recreational sites in Levy.

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Levy County Visitors Bureau

607 SW 1st Avenue
Williston, Florida 32696

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Levy County FL - Commission


During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Levy County remains committed to providing our guests and citizens with a quality experience during any visit to the area.

Many Levy County businesses have altered their hours of operations and services provided. Visitors and citizens are encouraged to check with the local establishments before visiting to confirm hours of operation and occupancy, as well as available services. With all of the uncertainty and ever-changing guidance provided to local officials, the hours of operations, occupancy and services will continue to evolve for individual businesses and attractions in the coming months. Levy County Board of County Commission has not adopted a mask mandate; however, individual businesses may suggest or require a mask while visiting. We suggested checking the Florida Department of Health website for a full list of guidelines:

The Levy County Visitors Bureau and the Levy County Board of County Commission would like to ensure all guests to the area enjoy their experiences. We feel that confirming the destination’s hours of operation will ensure that no one is disappointed upon arrival. Please contact our office via email with any questions or concerns: [email protected]

Disclaimer: These voluntary guidelines are for the information of Levy County Tourism-Related businesses. Each business owner must decide for itself which cleaning and related practices to implement. These guidelines are derived in part from federal agency regulations and recommendations, but they do not constitute legal or medical advice, nor do they necessarily take into account the various requirements of all states, counties, and municipalities. VRHP and VRMA make no warranty or representation that following these guidelines will ensure the health of employees, clients, guests, or others, or preclude the possibility of contamination. While these guidelines are intended to be comprehensive, they do not contain all available information on the subject matter. These guidelines were prepared based on available information existing at the time of publication and therefore may be superseded by later developments.

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